Previewing the 'Fork Fest, pt. 2

See part one of the preview here. My friends are giving the nod to Day 2 of the Pitchfork Music Festival, and I can't say I disagree.

Opener: Tapes 'n Tapes
Compared to Day One's opener, the Hot Machines, Tapes 'n Tapes carry a lotta expectation and hype. I'm not that into the Minneapolis natives, but maybe they'll sell me with their live show.
Tapes 'n Tapes - "Insistor"
Tapes 'n Tapes - "Just Drums"

These guys probably sounded like an A&R guys wet dream on paper: Modest Mouse crossed with Sufjan Stevens. But on record, I'm not that into them. They are a Secretly Canadian band, however, and I trust those dudes taste. So maybe something will click for me after seeing them in concert.
Danielson - "Did I Step on Your Trumpet"
Danielson - "Time That Bald Sexton"

Jens Lekman

One of my favorite songwriters of the past couple years. I'm quite excited to see Jens again. The Swedish sensation was spectacular in a club setting; hopefully he'll be able to carry that charm over for a crowd of 15,000. Back to back Secretly Canadian acts -- woo-hoo! "Yeah, I got busted. I painted a dirty word on your old man's Mercedes Benz cause you told me to do it."
Jens Lekman - "You Are the Light"
Jens Lekman - "A Sweet Summer's Night on Hammer Hill"

The National
Another hyped band, this time from NYC. These guys will fill the quotient for the 30+ alternative rock crowd, while I seek out refreshments and shade.
The National - "Mr. November"
The National - "Daughters of the Soho Riots"

Awkward transition from The National to these guys. Liars' intense live show charted at No. 18 on my Top 25 concerts of all time. I loved them in their original incarnation (listen to the first song). But they've since upped the dementia (listen to the second song), and I'm not sure I quite follow. That said, I'm stoked to see them again.
Liars - "We Live NE of Compton"
Liars - "Hold You, Drum"

Aesop Rock with Mr. Lif

Aesop Rock is one of the few hip-hop artists that I've gotten into over the past five years. The 'Fork couldn't have selected a better rapper for my tastes. Plus, he's sporting a Cardinals cap in that photo. That about says it.
Aesop Rock - "1,000 Deaths"
Mr. Lif featuring Aesop Rock - "Success"

Mission of Burma
Time for another odd transition, but I guess you'll have those at these sorts of festivals. As far as geezer-rock reformations go, Boston's Mission of Burma are one of the few bands that can still bring it. The first tune is one of their golden oldies; the second is from their 2006 release, The Obliterati.
Mission of Burma - "Academy Fight Song"
Mission of Burma - "2wice"

Devendra Banhart
Banhart sealed the deal for me. I had tickets to see him in 2004, but didn't go due to laziness. Whether you find his hippie schtick to be revolting or not, I have a feeling he's going to put on a very engaging show that should appeal to a large swath of the crowd.
Devendra Banhart - "I Feel Just Like a Child"
Devendra Banhart - "At the Hop"

Yo La Tengo

Am I the only one who finds it a bit odd that Yo La got added to this festival? I mean, they're surely going to draw well, but they're hardly a buzz-worthy band anymore. I guess we'll file them under "crowd pleaser", which they will be (for me) if they play a good deal of older, more rockin' stuff. (Did you know their forthcoming record is called I Am Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass? Here's hoping their new stuff will feature lots of Ira Kaplan freakouts on guitar.) Now, here's two of my faves from their peak years in the mid-'90s.
Yo La Tengo - "Big Day Coming"
Yo La Tengo - "Decora"

Can't go wrong with Spoon, although I'm shocked that they weren't chosen as a headliner for Day 2 and the festival. I'm pumped to see Os Mutantes, but I'm guessing I'm in the minority.
Spoon - "Car Radio"
Spoon - "I Summon You" (demo)

Headliner: Os Mutantes
I've tried to raise the excitement level amongst my friends for Os Mutantes (The Mutants), but how do you get a bunch of peeps pumped up to see a long-disbanded, off-kilter, garage-pop band from Brazil? It's impossible to compare Os Mutantes to anyone else, because their sound is so utterly their own. So when someone says, "What do they sound like?", I'm left grasping at straws. These guys/gal haven't played together in over 30 years, but their preliminary shows this summer have received positive press. I think for festival's huge crowd, they're either gonna be an unexpectedly awesome wrap up to a weekend of great music, or they're gonna flop. I don't see much room for grey area. They sing -- mostly -- in Portuguese, and their tunes run the gamut from outsider folk with a Latin tint to Beatles-influenced LSD pop. I swear that Yo La Tengo actually covered the second tune here on one of their mid-'90s releases (probably an EP), but I can't find proof. Check out the YouTube clip as well, which is a teaser for an Os Mutantes documentary and will provide some additional perspective on the band.
Os Mutantes - "Bat Macumba"
Os Mutantes - "Baby"
Os Mutantes Documentary Movie

If you're still on the fence about attending the 'Fork Fest, two-day passes are no longer available. You'll have to purchase two, one-day passes, which still only sets you back $40.


Listmaker said...

danielson can be a bit much but i saw them once and they put on a great show.

their new album is supposed to be good. i've had it for about a month now and havne't listened to it yet.

os mutantes is playing in nyc this friday night - the night that youthlarge and i head off to asia. we are both very sad to miss it.

really liked the jens lekman song on the noiseboy 2005 best of.

devendra makes my skin crawl.

mare-dogg said...

Tapes 'n Tapes: Look at that picture, is that Adam Heinze holding a bass?? Seriously, that is creepy..

thenoiseboy said...

Possibly his long lost mutant brother? I don't think Adam hit my chest, and that dude is taller than everyone else in the band.