Woo-hoo!!! Win No. 2!

Take that Kenny Rogers. We'll beat'cha fair and square.

All that's left is for us to play .500 ball for the next 4 games and, well, I'm not even gonna say it.

Do you realize that the Cardinals have a 2.71 ERA this postseason, and that all four of their starting pitchers have posted ERAs of 3.00 or under? Do you realize that prior to tonight's start, Carpenter had the highest ERA of those four starters? That, my friends, is astounding. And that is why we're two games away from, well, you know.


Listmaker said...

does rooting for the cardinals tonight equal rooting against stem cell research?

just wondering is all.

jeff suppan! woo hoo!

thenoiseboy said...

That's the Catholic in him coming out, I think.

Listmaker said...

well done, good sir.