The "new" Noiseboy = the "old" Noiseboy

Notes from the past week:

1) Blogger apparently has a "new version" that will introduce a fresh template for editing, etc. Fellow blogspotters, have you made the switch and did you notice any bugs?

2) I saw a basketball doubleheader this Saturday at the United Center in Chicago. The Illini took on the Flames of UIC; then the Bulls hosted the Timberwolves. The first game was a poor one by Illini standards, yet filled with tension as the team blew a 16-point lead in the second half. The second game was a poor one by Bulls standards as well. I can't recall the last time I saw the Bulls shoot so poorly or look so dysfunctional on offense. They ended their 7-game win streak with a 10-point loss that wasn't as close as the final would suggest. I like watching NBA games live. They're much more of an entertainment event than a MLB game, which helps to distract from the fact that NBA games can be tedious due to their length. My favorite: the fan noise meter, which encourages the fans to scream their heads off for a couple minutes at a time.

3) Picked up some new furniture for the records room at IKEA. I've reached capacity on my LP storage on the old shelving system, so I picked up two new shelves/bookcases that will serve to house my stereo and my records, with room to spare for decorative items. I'll snap a photo of it once it's assembled. I'm excited by the new furniture (yes, I'm a geek in that way), because it also means that I'll be rearranging the furniture in the records room, swapping the walls where the couch/records currently rest.

4) I also picked up a pair of wireless headphones for use at home. Since I'm often in need of headphones, I'm hoping that having more freedom to roam will encourage me to listen to more music.

5) If you haven't yet, you may want to check out Japanese psychedelic band Yura Yura Teikoku, especially if you're into Krautrock with a slight pop twist. Jon turned me on to their "Soft Death" 12-inch. I'll post a song from that later this week.

6) My first acquired book, written by the only surviving Negro League arbiter, went to the printer on Friday. I'm happy with how it turned out. There's some entertaining passages on Satchel Paige and Buck O'Neil; stories of barnstorming bus rides gone terribly wrong; and plenty of information that will likely be "new" to researchers and historians of the league. In all, it's a story of one man's attempt to break the color barrier for umpires in the majors (he failed). We got a great endorsement from Ken Burns for the cover, too.

7) Thanks for your concerns, advice, etc. regarding my musical breakdown last week. I'm just at that mid-life crisis stage of my musical fandom, I think. It'll pass with time. I need more friends hanging around (both in person and in cyberspace) to share my passion with. A little of that goes a long way.

8) The three-disc Songs About Girls compilation is almost ready for mass production. Hopefully I'll be able to get copies out to the locals before you all leave for the holidays. For the non-locals, let me know if you'd like a copy, and I can drop one in the mail to you.


Listmaker said...

Yura Yura Teikoku

great band.

new blogger. did it for my baseball blog. it publishes instantly. i like it. but i don't like having to sign in with my email address. not that big a deal i guess.

it won't let me put listmaker on the new one yet because the blog is too big.

three cd comp?
yes please.

Anonymous said...

Hold the phone - you've decided to give listening to music another chance?


Now who the hell am I going to get to help me finish up this damn quilt?


Eric said...

I'd love another mix from you Doug. My mom playes your old ones all the time and I dance my diaper off to them.