My kinda game show

Pitchfork reports:

...The Showbox club will host "Iron Composer #13", a raucous comedic and musical competition featuring "Saturday Night Live" comedian (and former Trenchmouth member) Fred Armisen taking on Martin Crandell and David Hernandez of the Shins in a battle of extreme absurdity.

According to a press release, during the "Iron Chef"-inspired game show, Armisen and the Shins "must compose a song in 45 minutes based on a random interview with an audience member, while being distracted and confused by the outlandish characters behind Iron Composer, the audience, five ‘Mystery Turmoils', and consuming five mandatory shots of vodka in 45 minutes." The competition will be judged by comedians Cross, Todd Barry, and Jon Benjamin.

The Game Show Network is turning the concept into a TV series. Hopefully, they'll stick to "cool" indie bands instead of, say, Metallica. Actually, Metallica may be cool in this setting, too.

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Edna Million said...

that would be a fantastic idea with the right people involved! did you ever see one of the episodes?
p.s. Lulu/The Rev-Lons/The Goodies - GOOD STUFF. Thanks!