With the season finale of The Sopranos and Big Love coming this weekend, and the season debut of Entourage and Deadwood the following weekend, it's quite an exciting time for TV watchin'. M and I just finished watching Season 2 of Entourage, which I know is old news for a lot of you. I really enjoyed the first 21 episodes of the show. At first I was skeptical of how interested I would be in a "Hollywood" sitcom, considering I could care less about movie stars and don't read Entertainment Weekly. I still don't give a fuck about any of that, but the characters, particularly the supporting characters, are quite entertaining. Johnny Drama works wonders as the butt of all jokes, Turtle is a delight, Ari has the best line I've heard in years ("Let's hug it out, bitch.), and Eric is a well thought out foil to Vince. I was pleased to see that Jeremy Piven will be sticking around for the next season, as his flawless interpretation of a super agent really separates the show from normality. And maybe there's hope for Vince and Mandy? (I doubt it. They're probably going to just skip the Aquaman filming altogether. They surely can't afford anymore of Mandy Moore and James Cameron's time.)

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