The blog as fad?

Here's some interesting number crunching on the popularity of blogs, if you're into that sort of thing. Around 75,000 blogs are created daily. By my estimation, that's a lot. Of those new bloggers, 55% are still posting three months later. This research doesn't make me feel quite so ashamed to be such a (wasteful) creator of blogs. The blogosphere is doubling in size every six months, and I'm doing my part to see to it that that trend continues.

I suppose the real question is, now that people have the power to publicize their journals, will they eventually become bored or annoyed with their "new toy"? At the rate that we're on now, by 2007 there will be approximately 70 million blogs on Earth; by summer of 2007, that number will balloon to 140 million. Doesn't that seem a bit of a stretch? At some point, the phenomenon will have to hit its peak for a variety of reasons. I just wonder how tall that peak is? And ten years from now, will I still be posting on the world wide web? Eh, I doubt it.

(Note to self: store this post in a time capsule.)


Man said...

I've been blogging for a year but it mostly for the money and chicks.

Don Gerard said...

Blogs, smogs...What about the near maximum-local-rock-band density? Sheesh.