My inspiration for this blog's title comes courtesy of The Sonic's 1966 cut of the same name. I probably could have used the above image of The Sonics for the blog's title header at the top of the page, as it's a pretty cool photo. But the pic I chose is a tad more humorous. And since I don't want to take myself too seriously in this here space, I went with the photo of '70s Swedish rock band Garvis, who obviously thought of themselves as stylin' dudes.

Anyway, "Maintaining My Cool" is one of the last tunes recorded by the Tacoma quintet, who in their brief career lunged between breakneck, distorted, garage-punk, and the more accessible teen-lovin' frat rock popularized by fellow Northwesterners like The Kingsmen. We're treated to the latter here. But regardless of style, singer/organist Gerry Roslie -- declared by scribes to be the white man's Little Richard -- was a raunchy force to be reckoned with and worthy of such praise.

The Sonics - "Maintaining My Cool"

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