I'm not going to discuss politics on here very often, mostly because plenty of other writers are far more knowledgeable than I about matters of left and right. However, I do take a special interest in how the Bush administration has dealt with the press, because I used to be a member of the press, and may again be someday down the road. This morning, it was announced that former Fox News anchor Tony Snow will be replacing Scott McClellan as supreme dodger of all relevant questions. Finally, the link between Fox News and the Republican right can be formally cemented.

Of more interest, however, is news that Snow lobbied for certain rights -- namely the right to have a voice in White House decision-making. Apparently, Bush agreed. Or at least paid lip service to Snow's wish. I find it alarming -- but not surprising -- that the press secretary is going to have any say in shaping national policy. It's as if Snow has watched one too many episodes of The West Wing, and thinks that if it plays on TV, it surely must play in reality.

Anyway, bio material out of the way: Tony's background is in print journalism, he's suffering from colon cancer, and apparently he's at times been critical of Bush (who hasn't by now?) -- although he assured the president that he's said worse about the president's political rivals. And he's already got a great feel for the job: At his first press conference announcing his hiring, neither Snow nor the president fielded a single question from the press.

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