So, you're probably wondering...

...why I'm starting yet another blog. Fair question, considering this is the fifth blog that I've created in the past two years -- and the other four are in varying states of abandonment. The truth is that I have a problem with intimacy. When my blog and I get to that tender stage where delicate emotions can no longer be tip-toed around -- where something greater than awkward silence is required on the morning after -- I find it's best to sever all ties rather than risk being hurt.

That, and I just become disinterested in myself rather quickly. (Maybe you do, too. In me, I mean.) Boredom is a bitch. It's what causes lulls in my blogging, but it's also what eventually pulls me out of such silences. I don't think it's a coincidence that I usually start these blogs while at work.

Anyway, we may never know why this blog is here, so we can only accept that it is here, and learn to live with it. I plan to write about music (Jukebox Upchuck will lie dormant for a while, or longer) and post some mp3s, but I'm also going to share more of my personal life, both domestic and work-related. That means discussions of baseball and basketball, books that I'm editing, bike rides, barn chasing (?!), 50-year wedding anniversaries, style (and lack thereof), my new iBook G4, animal warfare (from high atop the treehouse), flat-panel TV ogling, donuts, and so much more!

As Dylan Thomas once quipped, "Someone's boring me. I think it's me." Hence, a new blog begins, until I tire of my words once again. Possibly, this time I will not. Anyone want to take bets?

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amat said...

Hello there,

While I was surfing through the world called "Blogger" I saw your first page of your fifth blog. I have noticed your "sorrows" and thought that a reaction from another part of this beautiful world shows you that your blog attracted attention for some seconds!
Wish you the best from the Netherlands and your blog looks good.
I am a blogger for just a week and my aim is to publish every day a picture made on that day. I think my life is not so boring, while I'm 54 years old and have great family and friends.
Don't give up and fill you blog with interesting stuff!
Sorry for my English. I don't speak or write every day.