An Evening of Firsts

The Noiseboy drew rave reviews from both the blue-hairs and the 5 year-olds at my parent's 50th wedding anniversary. For the first time in recorded history, I played a song twice in the same set by request. And not just one song, but two: "YMCA" and "The Hokey Pokey".

"Outrageous!" you may say, but I ask you, "How could I say no to this?"

The Miller High Life flowed from the tap like the cheap swill it is, enabling myself and a host of Social Security earners to enjoy some fine tunes from the '50s. I was acutally surprised to see several of my aunts and uncles -- all of them in the 60+ crowd -- dancing to upbeat tunes. (Going in, I thought the "fast" songs would just be background noise, and the "slow" songs would be the favorites to dance to. But I was pleasantly surprised. Far more dancing took place than at any other gig by The Noiseboy. Maybe I've been catering to the wrong crowd this entire time?) Anyway, my parents enjoyed their turn on the dance floor as well.

While I don't anticipate any future longing for the wedding and anniversary scene, I can say that I plan to purchase one of these (see below) to hang up behind me at all future gigs. Call it a good luck charm, if you will: I received more kisses from women at my parent's 50th wedding anniversary than at any other gig in my storied past.


Anonymous said...

hi. if you are the guy who interviewed Callahan, Smog, i would like to ask you if you can give me his email adress cause i wanted to ask him a few things.

Can you ?

if you want to, email me at


tnx for your time.

thenoiseboy said...

I don't have his e-mail anymore. That was several years ago.