My "DJ name"

I've written before about why I adopted the nickname The Noiseboy. I like it, and it's not going anywhere. But I did stumble upon this quiz online, which produced an interesting result:

Quiz Me
Doug E. Fresh spins tunes as
DJ Divine Slayer

Get your dj name @ Quiz Me

Obviously, I told the quiz my name was "Doug E. Fresh", cause, like, it should be. When I re-took the quiz and told it my name was simply Doug, I got "DJ Hell-Bent Fluff". Doug + my last name produced "DJ Melodious Bootie". Yeah, no shit. Douglas netted me "DJ Ambient Record", though, so that's cool. Maybe I could adapt that to "DJ Music for Airports". Word.


df said...

Mine is: "DJ Ugly Pitz"

thenoiseboy said...

Yikes! Better luck next time.