Some light afternoon reading, perhaps?

So there's a meme making the rounds in blogdom, which asks of its participants the following:

1. Grab the nearest book
2. Open it to page 123
3. Find the fifth sentence
4. Copy it onto your blog/journal along with these instructions

For shits and giggles -- and keep in mind that I'm at work -- let's play along. I'm including sentence six as well, so you know how the drama ends.

With only one out and Concepcion and Foster due up, Tanner called in his ace reliever, Kent Tekulve. Tanner looked like a genius the moment Concepcion grounded into an inning-ending double play.

Taken from a book on the '79 Pittsburgh Pirates, aka "The Fam-A-Lee".

(The first book I grabbed off the shelf actually featured a full-page photo on page 123. That should tell you all you need to know about books published for the lowest-common-denominator sports fan.)


Listmaker said...

from in the o zone: a story of the 1979 a.l. champions

page 123
sentence 5
we swept the rangers that weekend, winning the june 10th game off the best righthanded relief pitcher in the american league, jim kernk who threw a bunt away in the eighth inning to score two runs, and terry crowley's pinch-hit double in the ninth won it.

thenoiseboy said...

You of all people would have the ideal comeback for a post on the '79 Bucs. Thanks for sharing.

Manny Sanguillen

Listmaker said...

i was only 6 at the time but the memories are still painful.